The Collective Honeyed Plum n Stem Ginger Review

Yet another limited edition from the collective, and i was actually pretty excited to try this flavour as it's a combination i've never tried but sounded delicious.
The base is the usual perfect thick and creamy yoghurt which is 100% my favourite out of any yoghurt brand, and there was a nice pool of dark purple sauce. I always mix in the compote
gently with the yoghurt to get a nice even distribution of flavour.

Now i have an issue with this flavour, like with the cherry limited edition, for some reason the flavours just aren't strong enough, I could barely taste plum or ginger. To be honest i got 0 ginger flavour whatsoever, it just tasted vaguely fruity and very sweet from the edition of both honey and sugar. It's actually a really tasty yoghurt, but thats mainly due to the sheer quality of the base and the mildly fruity compote, i mean with those two things it can't really be bad.

This is the third limited edition flavour i've actually been let down by from the collective, which is a real shame as they have made some of my all time favourite yoghurts! (mango,vanilla, lemon,raspberry are all excellent) I think these later flavours just need more fruitiness to them, and in this case some ginger.

Overall Rating- 7/10


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