Alpro Dessert Moments: Hazelnut & Chocolate Review

I've not tried a lot of the Alpro range, i think the only one I've had is the vanilla yoghurt which was just a bit too runny and sweet for my liking, But when i saw these crop up on Instagram and with a 50p voucher, the promise of a nutella esk dessert sounded too good.

They looked very much like a chocolate custard, nice thick and gloopy. The taste is very good actually. It's a very rich cocoa flavour that isn't sweetened very much at all to be honest. Initially i din't really like the lack of sweetness, but when the lovely hazelnut flavour comes in as a back-note it works very well for a very rich flavour

This definitely isn't like eating nutella pudding unfortunately, but for being dairy free it feels very creamy and indulgent, with a very genuine rich cocoa flavour, and a nice apparent kick of hazelnut.

Not one i would rush to buy again, but certainly very nice.

 Overall Rating 7/10


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