Reese's Stuffed With Pieces Review

Reese's peanut butter cups are definitely one of the best chocolate products you can buy. I also love how many variants of the original you get, and the fact that they often exceed it. The snowmen and pumpkins are amazing, Reeses pieces are pretty good, and effectively Reeses don't really make anything that isn't amazing.

So put two of their flagship products together and surely this should be better than amazing?

Well to be honest they were a little disappointing... I mean they are still utterly delicious don;t get me wrong, but they just taste like a normal cup with some crunchy sugar in. I think Reeses pieces have an actively different taste to the cups, and that flavour is completely lost here.

If you're in the UK like me i really wouldn't bother paying the extortionate shipping and stick to the stuff we can get over here. So the rating is a hard one... a normal Reeses cup would have to be 10/10 so therefore should this? I think i'll have to knock a point of for the lack of differentiation and disappointment.

Overall Rating 9/10


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