M&S Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls Review

Cinnamon & sugar are tow of my favourite flavour combinations, it is my favourite cereal and well i don't think you can go far wrong with the two.

When i heard about these festive offerings from M&S i had to seek them out.

The smell was ridiculous, they smelt like freshly baked cinnamon sugar donuts! however for me the flavour was a bit lack luster, you get an initial hit of cinnamon and sugar, and then this quickly dissipates into a pretty generic tortilla flavour. Given there's only around 5g of sugar per 100g i know why the flavour disappears so quickly.

Overall i would have to say i am pretty disappointed with these, they could have been amazing, if they just tasted like they smelt, and it lasted more than a hubba bubba chewing gum... I'll give M&S props for doing something very interesting and unique though!

Overall rating 6.1/10


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