Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise Review

I have now finally tried all the flavours from the new Monster Ultra range! only took 2 months... I absolutely loved the white one and the red one was better than most energy drinks out there. To be honest i wasn't expecting much from the sunrise variety as i guessed it would just be orange flavour.
I was right... This is practically indistinguishable from orange Fanta to be completely honest, so much so I don't think i could tell the difference if you handed me a glass of this and a glass of Fanta. This could be a good thing i guess, as i was actually able to finish the whole can without feeling sick from the sweetness that comes with most energy drinks, but i found the flavour to just be a very generic orange with nothing unique like the other two flavours.

Very good if you don't like the energy drink flavour and want the buzz as it identical to Fanta. 

Overall I am very impressed with this new monster range and will definitely be purchasing the white and red in future but not the orange, not because it is bad but if i want that flavour I'll take a caffeine free Fanta for a fraction of the cost.

Overall Rating- 7/10


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