Oppo Salted Caramel With Lucuma Ice Cream Review

I heard about Oppo ice cream ages ago and have been really eager to try it, but since i don't frequent Waitrose or Holland & Barrat i have't seen it anywhere. But for some reason on the way back from uni today i wandered into H&B and spotted that it was £2 off for £3.99 so i thought it was a good a chance as any to try it.

I was pretty dubious of the taste and texture given how incredible the macros are, for the whole pint is only 400 calories, under 20 grams of fat and just shy of 50g of carbs, so i didn't think it could compare to any kind of ice cream. Well i was wrong, the flavour here is absolutely delicious, the caramel flavour tastes so natural and genuine, I think this must be due to the lack of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose and the use of stevia. The salt was a little lacking despite it containing 0.2% sea salt but it was there in deep subtlety.

I think where this ice cream really excels though is the ice cream like texture it manages to capture despite being so low in calories, the picture may not do it justice but it scooped out just like a good soft scoop. I was worried it would be very chalky and icy, but it was very smooth and creamy.

I think a £5.99 price point is a tad excessive for a pint of ice cream, but i guess you're paying for the premium ingredients like coconut oil and the health connotations that come with it. I must say though i absolutely adore the packaging, very sophisticated and eye catching, and overall this was a really delicious and healthy ice cream alternative, and i still can't believe how good the macros are!

I really want to try both the mint chocolate and vanilla flavour, so will have to be trying Waitrose soon!

Overall Rating 8.5/10


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