The Collective Vanilla Bean Review

I know most people consider it boring, but vanilla is one of my favourite sweet flavours. I'm not a bit ice cream eater but i love a good quality vanilla, and vanilla yoghurt are usually pretty nice. So when my favourite yoghurt finally announced a vanilla bean flavour i knew it had to be good.

The vanilla compote when stirred into the base adds a really attractive looking custard like swirl, and i was so glad to see actual vanilla pods in the yoghurt, they always add such an extra depth of flavour. This is certainly no exception, this is a truly fantastic vanilla flavour, easily the best vanilla yoghurt I've ever had and to be honest it could probably rival some ice creams. This isn't really surprising given that cream, condensed milk, honey and Madagascan vanilla are all in the ingredients...

The yoghurt base is the standard absolute perfection from the collective, and the truly rich natural vanilla flavour just takes it beyond pretty much any other yoghurt I've had. My one slight complaint would be that there wasn't quite enough of the vanilla compote; and one serving i had, the vanilla flavour was very subtle, still present but not as strong as the other servings i had.

Another phenomenal yoghurt from the collective, I would find it so difficult to rank my top flavours as so many of them are just incredible..

Overall Rating- 9.2/10


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