The Collective Choccy Orange Review

I was pretty disappointed with the last limited edition flavour from the collective, which isn't something i ever thought i would say... However i think they are about to redeem themselves with two of the four flavours they have just launched/re launched.

I love chocolate orange, expect terry's oddly enough which i strongly dislike so i needed to track that down. I've noticed they've dropped the packaging size from 500g to 450g but unlike most other re sizing the price has also gone from £2.40 to £2 which i think is a far more accessible price range.

The chocolate sauce on opening looked incredibly appetizing and just smelt so rich and chocolatey. When mixed it turns the fantastic thick yoghurt into a marbled chocolate which just looks incredible. The first hit of flavour i found to be completely chocolate, a very good deep dark cocoa flavour with very subtle orange. The orange does however really appear in the after-taste, and its absolutely delicious. Incredibly tangy and just so natural like all the other collective fruit flavours.

The combo here is just sublime, a really rich cocoa flavour with a lovely tangy and sweet orange of course found within the incredible base yoghurt. I cannot wait to try the vanilla bean flavour!

Overall Rating- 9/10


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