Crunchy Nut Porridge Review

Porridge is an absolute breakfast staple for me, literally cannot start the day without it. To be honest I eat it as a snack as well as it's just so delicious and very fulfilling. I'm not the biggest fan of crunchy nut cornflakes as I find them far too sweet but I was definitely up for trying them in oat form as honey, peanuts and oats can surely be great right?

Now first things first, the portion size, whoever at Kellogg's thinks that 1 of these measly little sachets will provide a satisfying breakfast is probably a raving lunatic or very small pre pubescent female. So in light of the pitiful portion I usually opt for this type of porridge (Quaker etc...) as a snack.

I always make porridge with milk as water is sacrilege, I don't measure it so I put this in the microwave for about 90 seconds to achieve my trademark cement like texture of porridge. What i noticed straight off is just how many nuts are in there, there's loads and you get a really great crunchy peanuty flavour in every mouthful which is really unique and very tasty. They are adequately sweet to not add any more sugar (6 grams per sachet) which is always a bonus.

Overall I actually really enjoyed this porridge, I mean portion side to price ratio aside (£1.99 for 6 tiny packs) the nuts mixed in with the oats are actually a wonderfully unique combination as I'm not sure any other quick oats brand in the UK has done this yet. Flavour wise is pretty damn good with a good earthiness from the peanuts and a faint sweetness from the honey. Great for a snack not a breakfast.

Overall Rating 8/10


  1. Just the information I was looking for. Thanks mate!

    1. No problem man! glad you found the post useful :)


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