Golden Oreos UK Review

Oreos aren't my absolute favourite biscuit, but they are pretty good and the double stuff ones are pretty incredible. It does make me pretty irritated looking at all the different flavours the Americans get to our pitiful selection so I was really happy when I saw there were 2 new flavour launches, Golden and peanut butter.

I don't know if its been that long since I've had an Oreo but my god are they smaller than I remember! These are really tiny. The texture has a great crunch but the flavour is so bland! I really wanted these to be great but they are just not at all.

All you get is a fairly sweet biscuit, absolutely no vanilla flavour whatsoever which is a shame given how this is the permanent edition to the UK range. I still have high hopes for the peanut butter one as I'm convinced there are very few things you can add peanut butter to and not make it better.

I wouldn't even say these are worth trying to be honest, un-impressive sweet biscuit that tastes like a mediocre custard cream, not unpleasant just personally very disappointing Peanut butter review 
coming soon!

Overall Rating 5.5/10


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