Special K Protein Crunch Review

I really don't like the Special K marketing, claiming their somewhat unhealthy cereal to be a weight loss tool to consumers who are willing to buy it. Their granola is probably the worst I've ever tasted, but when I saw this I'm not gonna lie the only thing that made me buy it was the protein content, and a review from Grocery Gems.

Firstly the box is tiny at a measly 390g for £2.99 the price point to size is utterly extortionate. The smell upon opening was non existent to be honest so I wasn't overly excited to try this.

The clusters are varying in size, some are huge and some are tiny. The taste however was pleasantly surprising, a lovely back note of cinnamon with a slight hint of honey and a good whole grain flavour from the 6 different types in the box. I would say that this cereal is fractionally too sweet which isn't surprising given the 27g of sugar per 100g! (that's more than pretty much every granola on the market)

Texture is fantastic though, incredibly crunch (hence the name) and a lovely variety of textures from the large variety of different grains. Even stayed crunchy with some natural yoghurt. Macro profile is pretty sound except the sugar, 100g you're looking at 15g fibre and 17g protein which is very good from a fibre standpoint but not overly high in protein. Fat is 6.5 which is fairly low for a granola, and 385 cals per 100 is pretty low. The only thing that is really not great at all is the ludicrously high sugar content.

 Given the extortionate price and tiny box I definitely wouldn't pick this over other granolas as the taste isn't out of this world, and the health content definitely doesn't warrant the price. Still a pretty good flavour if a little sweet with a fantastic texture.

Overall Rating- 7.1/10


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