Peanut Butter Oreos UK Review

After the disappointing golden Oreos I moved on to the flavour I was most looking forward to trying which was peanut butter. I used to hate peanut butter but recently I've really grown to love it, especially anything with Reese’s in the title.

The smell is instantly very peanut, so I was very hopeful for the taste. The cocoa from the biscuit is very strong, stronger than I remember from normal Oreos and had an almost bitter taste. The peanut flavour is definitely there with a really great background saltiness. To call it peanut butter however would be incorrect as it doesn't really capture that distinctive creamy peanut buttery taste.

This isn't something I would usually say about a confectionery product but I actually feel that these biscuits could do with being a little sweeter, the very strong cocoa flavour and the earthy peanut could do with a tad more sweetness just to create a better balance of flavours.

I'm a little disappointed with both these new flavours of Oreos to be honest, neither lived up to how good I was expecting them to be. But these peanut butter ones are pretty good so are definitely worth a try of you like either Oreos or peanut butter but I probably won’t be getting them again, and will be sticking to normal or double stuff as these in my opinion are superior biscuits.

Both 54p from Morrisons

Overall Rating- 6.7/10


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