Tic Tac Mixers Cherry Cola Review

I'm not really much of a sweet eater, and usually prefer gummy ones like fruit pastilles or Haribo, but I do quite like Tic Tacs, and when I saw the new variety of one of my favourite flavours of sweet I thought they would be worth a try.

I was pretty sceptical about the whole flavour changing thing as I often find this to be a bit of a gimmick and never usually adds anything to what you're eating. That is certainly not the case with these.

Immediately you get a really good cherry flavour which is surprising given how small Tic Tac's actually are. But then after a while the cherry definitely completely dissipates and then the cola arrives, and quite brilliantly as well. The cola flavour is great, really good genuine coke flavour that actually has a fizzy taste as well.

This is a fantastic product, genuinely. My new favourite Tic Tac for sure and I really applaud Tic Tac for not only trying something a little new and different but actually executing it perfectly. For that reason this will be reflected in my rating, I'm not saying this is my favourite product/sweet ever because it most definitely isn't', but for sheer innovation, taste and execution this is a seriously excellent product from Tic Tac, and I have the two other varieties to try and have high hopes given this ones success!

Overall Rating- 10/10 (I just can't fault them!)


  1. I absolutely love the cherry cola TicTacs as well! I tried the peach lemonade ones too. The were nice, but once you eat too many your tongue gets used to it. Plus you get this stingy aftertaste :(

    1. yeah i wasn't a fan of the peach ones either! the lemonade element kind of tasted like fairy liquid to me... cherry cola is probably the best tic tac i've ever tried!


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