Shredded Wheat Apple Crumble Review

After the pretty damn good cherry bakewell flavour I was really looking forward to the apple crumble as this is probably my favourite dessert of all time.

We'll ignore the stupid packaging again and go straight to the flavour as textually these are pretty much identical to the others. The smell unlike the cherry bakewell is pretty non existent when you open these, I was expecting a lovely cinnamon waft but got absolutely nothing. Taste wise is a pretty sad story as well, on first bite I got absolutely no flavour except a very strong sweetness from that "vanilla" crumble and only when I was just about to finish chewing did a very faint apple flavour come through.

I think alike with the cherry there is no where near enough filling and especially with these ones everything is over whelmed by that overtly sweet crumble topping. This flavour would have been remarkably better with some cinnamon added as this makes an apple crumble really stand out for me.

Overall no where near as good as the cherry bakewell and distinctively lacking
 in any real fruity/warming flavour right until the very end when you get some very faint apple flavour.

Overall Rating 6.2/10


  1. H'mm I thought the Shredded wheat apple crumble was the best of all , now they don't do it anymore, well they just lost a very long term customer in me !
    G'rrrrr !


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