The Collective Pink Grapefruit & Yuzu Review

If you've read my blog before you will know of my absolute love for the collective yoghurt's so I won't bore you as to why they are the best yoghurt's on the market. At the start of the summer they announced a new Waitrose exclusive flavour of Pink grapefruit and yuzu, as a huge fan of their products I was disappointed at it being a Waitrose exclusive as when I am home there is no Waitrose anywhere near me.

Now I'm back at university though the biggest one in the country is a short walk away. Texture is your standard fabulously thick, creamy yoghurt with a very slight tang. Now I don't know what yuzu fruit tastes like so didn't know what to expect but the only flavour I got from this yoghurt was grapefruit, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as I quite like grapefruit. It's very tart, and the yoghurt could actually do with a tad more sweetness so I may add a bit of honey on my next sample. The grapefruit flavour is incredibly natural though and is incredibly tart and refreshing.

If you like grapefruit you will definitely love this product, and I applaud the collective once again for coming up with a new and innovative flavour for their yoghurt's. Would have liked to taste the yuzu fruit a bit more, and perhaps a tad more sweetness (despite this being 15% sugar!)

Overall Rating 7.2/10


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