Alpen Light Banoffee Review

After being pretty disappointed by the jaffa cake flavour the only thing that motivated me to buy these banoffee flavours were the fact that they were only £1 so I thought what the hell they can't be disgusting...

The smell was quite promising with a distinct sweet banana, unfortunately this banana aroma was somehow completely lost in the actual flavour of the bar, and all you get is a fairly decent  toffee flavour, but with the promise of banoffee this is somewhat disappointing. The token chocolate drizzle is pretty pointless in my eyes as it adds zero cocoa flavour.

This is definitely not a "banoffee" flavour bar, more of a toffee bar with the absolute faintest back-note of banana. Apart from the very favourable macro profile (4.6g fibre and only 66 calories) I can't really see any reason to ever buy this particular flavour. But then again the nutrition is pretty consistent across the light range so if you want a reasonably tasty diet cereal bar I'd go for the cherry bakewell or lemon drizzle flavour.

Overall Rating 5/10


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