Barbecue Pop Chips Review

I really am not a big eater of crisps, I don't really like the greasy texture of most brands and just don't find them in any way satisfying to eat, that's said I do really like Doritos and brands like Tyrells and Kettle Chips.

I've wanted to try Popchips for ages as I've heard they have great flavour and are slightly healthier than their fried alternative. At only an 85g bag and usually a price point of £2 I put off trying these for ages, so when I saw them on £1 at Asda I thought I'd finally give in.

I was right about the quantity, you really don't get that many in the bag which is hardly surprising. The texture is actually really great, a satisfying crunch and they are almost like a denser quaver, which is odd as i absolutely hate quavers texture but liked these.

The flavour is where these surprised the most, you actually get a genuine sweet and smoky with a back note of heat that is akin to BBQ sauce, and it works very well. My only issue with a snack like this is for me at least they just don't provide any level of satiety and even though marketed as a healthier alternative to crisps the macro's are hardly breathtaking (420cal, 15F, 61C,5.7P).

So as just something that tastes pretty nice these are great, value is less than amazing even on promotion and if you're looking for something to actually fill a hole I can't really recommend these. But as most people in the UK seem to love crisps more than life these are definitely worth trying.

Overall Rating 7.8/10


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