Shredded Wheat Cherry Bakewell Review

Mini fruity shredded wheat’s are one of my favourite snacks/cereals of all time, I just love how satisfying and flavoursome they are whilst being one of the healthier cereal options out there.

So when I saw that nestle have merged two of the greatest desserts of all time with one of my favourite cereals, I was more than excited to try cherry Bakewell and apple crumble shredded wheat.

Firstly has the traditional cereal box become to mainstream for you nestle? What happened to the 500g box? Instead you get a 360g pack which at £2.49 is a little steep in my opinion but anyhow on to the actual cereal.

I was worried that these would be simply cherry flavoured wheats with no Bakewell element but upon opening the first smell you get is a fantastic waft of almond, and aesthetically they look fantastic with the sugared crumble. The taste is very sweet, a little too much I would say actually (25g per 100) but the “vanilla crumble” adds a great texture but is sadly very lacking in any vanilla flavour. There is a definite cherry flavour but I would have liked to see a considerable amount more filling and perhaps less of the crumble topping for a better rounded flavour.

Overall these were a pretty damn good cereal, aside from the price and slightly overly sweet flavour I would definitely recommend these and am really looking forward to trying the apple crumble flavour.

Overall Rating-8.5/10


  1. Blimey, these sound really interesting. (FRUK here).

    1. Really good tbf! Am i hearing possible cereal filler...? ;)


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