Monster Energy Zero Ultra Review

I can probably count the number of energy drinks I've had in my life on one hand, I just never really feel the need for a major caffeine kick, if i do it's usually tea or coffee and these cans are usually pretty expensive. I do however watch a lot of fitness youtubers in the US and this flavour seems to be the absolute rave, so when i saw it launched in the UK i had to pick one up.

What i usually find slightly off putting about most energy drinks is just how sickly sweet they are, so the promise of this one being a less sweet lighter taste was definitely promising. Firstly i just want to commend the absolutely incredible packaging, its just amazing really, the textured condensation with the eye catching white is just wonderful.

Anyway on to the taste. I really really enjoyed this drink, it is for sure a milder version of regular monster, and for me it is pretty much spot on. Still fairly sweet
with that trademark taurine flavour which i don't mind all too much.there is also a faint fruitiness to this that distinguishes it from the regular monster and tastes a bit more like a Khaos/regular hybrid. But it still feels like you're drinking an energy drink which i guess is a good thing...

To be honest i didn't really feel the effects of the caffeine that strongly but i certainly enjoyed the flavour and i would definitely buy this over regular energy drinks simply due to it being much less sweet and just lighter in general. I want to try the red and orange versions of the zero ultra range too but haven't seen them anywhere so if you have please let me know where!

Overall Rating 8.5/10


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