Muller Corner Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Review

I rarely buy Muller yoghurts simply because the texture is just too thin and they are quite pricey. I do really like the banana chocolate corner and strawberry shortcake however, and this new limited edition couldn't help but catch my eye and well if you read the title, how could i not try this...

I was initially a little disappointed with the lack of brownie pieces in my pot to be honest, it seemed to mainly comprise of biscuit pieces, but i mixed everything together and was pleasantly surprised to find the raspberry underlay as i assumed it would be a flavoured yoghurt base.

I wouldn't really say this yoghurt tastes of cheesecake to me, more of just a slightly sickly one, however with the raspberry sauce, biscuit and brownie pieces mixed in it actually is pretty nice. The brownie pieces granted are tiny and sparse but they are very rich and pack a pretty powerful coca flavour. Their softness is off set very nicely by the crunchy malty digestive pieces.

All in all this is one of the better limited edition corners I've tried, but as usual with Muller yoghurts what lets it down for me is the actual yoghurt. If the base of this had been the collective Scottish raspberry we'd probably be looking at a 10/10 product. what lets this down is the non cheesecake
flavour and the runny texture, and to be honest i would have liked more brownie bits as well.

Overall Rating 7.5/10


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