Muller Light Apple Strudel Review

I almost never buy Muller lights, not due to the flavour as the flavours are all pretty damn good to be honest, it's just they don't fit my criteria with yoghurt's and that is they need to be able to be eaten with a fork they are that thick, which is a real shame as many of the flavours are really tasty and the macros are one of the best yoghurt s out there.

However when i saw they'd released a new apple strudel flavour i was just praying that it could taste just a little bit like the greatest product Muller has ever made, the apple strudel rice... oh my goodness that was incredible and why oh why do they no longer do it...

unfortunately the same runny almost drinkable yoghurt but the smell and appearance looked very promising. And it certainly delivered, this tastes like the exact same flavour as the apple strudel rice just in yoghurt form. Fantastic warming cinnamon with real chunks of apple which just tastes absolutely fantastic. If there had been sultanas and the texture had been my preferred greek yoghurt thickness this would probably be a very very high scoring product.

If you don't mind runny yoghurt's this is definitely for you, and at only 86 calories well what's not to love?

Overall Rating 8.2/10


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