Muller Rice Maple Syrup Review

I’m a huge fan of some of the flavours of Muller rice, the texture is just amazing, so thick and creamy whilst still being low in fat. Unfortunately they have discontinued practically all of my favourite flavours… (apple strudel, banoffee, smooth chocolate) But whenever they bring out a new flavour I am always quick to seek them out!

Maple syrup and rice pudding sounds like a pretty damn good combo to me, and that’s the first thing you smell, a fantastic waft of pure maple. As usual you have to stir to get the full syrupy goodness throughout the rice.

The flavour is very genuine and tastes just like a really good quality maple syrup, and somehow even though it’s a syrup manages to not be overly sweet which is great. For some reason though with pretty much all of the Muller rice’s I find once I’m about half way through the flavour just kind of goes, and I am an incredibly thorough mixer of the sauce. Quite strange but the overall taste and enjoyment of this new limited edition was pretty high.

Much better than the pretty poor salted caramel limited edition, I just wish Muller would bring back some of the old flavours that they got rid of that were just amazing!

Overall Rating 7.8/20


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