Propercorn Smooth Peanut & Almond Review

I'm really coming onto the idea of popcorn as a snack, especially with all these new interesting flavour combos as of late. I must say a personal favourite of mine recently has been Propercorn Sweet and Salty, so when i saw they had released a peanut flavour one i was really interested to try it, after finally finding it in Tesco.

As usual with Propercorn the kernels themselves are very good quality with no un-popped ones you often get with cheaper brands. The smell upon opening was incredible, a real earthy peanut flavour and the coating that was on them looked just like peanut butter.

The texture isn't quite as crunchy as the sweet and salty variety but my god the flavour, the flavour. These literally just taste like a fantastic salty peanut butter. Far and away the best tasting popcorn i have ever tried, even better than cinema popcorn. To be fair there is absolutely no almond flavour, do i care? Not one bit as the earthy,salty slightly sweet peanut flavour is just absolutely stunning. They really have nailed the balance between a salty and sweet peanut butter, as sugar and salt are both present in the ingredients.

It took some serious will power and self control to not eat the whole bag in one sitting, do yourself a favour and get a bag of this! I'm only going to knock a point off as i was hoping for maybe a slight marzipan hint, apart from that absolutely flawless.

Overall Rating 9.5/10


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