Arla Protein Passion Fruit & Papaya Review

I was pretty un-impressed with the 3 existing flavours of arla protein as i find them all to be very lacking in the flavour they claim to be, and since the first time i tried them thanks to bzzagent i haven't bought them since. 

But since I always like the arrival of new high protein products on the market i thought i should give this new passion fruit one a go as i do really like tropical flavours in yoghurt (even though this is technically quark)

The appearance was just how i remember it, these really benefit from a good stir to improve the texture. The smell was extremely unpleasant, this just smelled like slightly sweet cheese! The flavour was equally awful, and i mean practically inedible, this pot literally just tasted like ever so slightly tropical cheese. Thankfully i have the flavdrops by myprotein which when i added to the pot drastically improved the flavour and somehow actually made it taste pretty accurate to the flavour on the pack.

Sadly I'm guessing most of the people reading this do not have access to these flavdrops and will be left with the absolutely disgusting base flavour that is this product. And even if you do i wouldn't waste your  money. The only up side to this product is it is pretty filling and the macros are absolutely excellent (20g protein, 12 carb, 0 fat).
The price you pay without the myprotein flavdrops is definitely not worth it though

  Overall Rating- 2/10


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