Trek Oat Raisin Protein Flapjack Review

I'm always keen to try new foods that are high in protein, so take four of my favourite things and combine them into one bar "oats, raisins, protein and flapjacks) and you're onto a winner Trek.

I've had the banana protein flapjack before and safe to say i hated it and couldn't finish it, it was just so bland and the texture just wasn't for me, but i absolutely love the combination of oats and raisins as its my favourite type of cookie, i'd take it over choc chip most of the time.

The smell when i opened this bar was just amazing, an incredible waft of cinnamon and golden baked oats. The texture initially threw me off as i was expecting a soft chewy flapjack, however there are soya protein crispies scattered throughout; initially i wasn't a fan but as i made my way through it they actually became a welcome texture change.

The flavour is absolutely fantastic, the amount of cinnamon is perfect for me, but if you really don;t like cinnamon these won't be for you. The oats have the perfect amount of sweetness and there's a good amount of raisins in there, i would probably have liked a few more but thats being picky. Everything about this bar just compliments each other perfectly, the flavour is delicious and very well balanced, and the texture despite not being the typical flapjack is still pretty dam good.

Macros are very solid for a fairly substantial bar, ( 170cals, 17carb,7.6fat and 8 protein) so its a reasonable filling bar, and at £2.49 for 4 it's pretty good value for 62p a bar considering the prices of most other protein bars out there. I guess this isn't really comparable to Quest or actual protein bars as it contains less than half the protein, but its a great snack with a protein boost (vegan too!)

 Very impressed and will be buying again for sure!

Overall Rating- 8.8/10


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