Muller Corner Gold Edition Toffee & Digestives Review

I rarely buy Muller corners as i find the yoghurt a little runny, but i do absolutely love some of the corner flavours like the banana and strawberry shortcake. I wasn't planning on picking up these new limited edition Olympic themed pots as the flavours didn't sound overly innovative but as the recipe now claims to be a "delicious creamy yoghurt" and they were on 10 for £3 in Tesco which is pretty damn good.

The smell of the yoghurt was actually different to the one you get in toffee hoops and the first thing i noticed was that the yoghurt did appear to be a good deal thicker. The golden digestives look amazing and the dusting is a great touch.

The flavour is delicious, the yoghurt is described as "toffee shortbread" and there definitely is an element of something other than just toffee and its really tasty, matched with the now reasonably thick texture it makes a very good base. The digestives were a little sweet, but added a great crunch; and i had to check the pack but they are actually milk chocolate coated so that brings a nice very faint chocolate flavour.

Overall I'm very impressed with this limited edition despite not sounding that great, I thought it was really quite good, and from the other corners I've sampled with the new thicker base (banana choco flakes and strawberry shortcake) the base is a lot better with the new recipe.

Overall Rating- 8.2/10


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