Arla Skyr Blueberry & Elderberry Review

I've said before that i haven't really liked any of the other flavoured varieties of skyr that much aside from the cherry as i find them very lacking in flavour. The plain one is an absolute staple in my diet however and i buy at least 2 big pots a week; the macro's are just incredible, 11g of protein per 100g and only 65 calories!

Even though the flavoured varieties are often a let down when i say this new flavour for 60p in Tesco i couldn't see the harm in trying it. First thing i noticed when i opened it was the absolutely incredible blueberry smell, and the slight blue tinge to the yoghurt. As you can see when stirred the compote is very generous and really just looks very inciting.

The taste was pretty good, as with all the flavoured varieties of skyr they are quite tart as there is very little added sugar which is great, and they don't contain any kind of sweeteners like sucralose or stevia. The flavour is quite mild of blueberry but it's definitely there and does taste extremely natural, i don;t think I've ever had elderberry in anything other than a drink so i couldn't really detect any of that. It would just be nicer for me at least if the flavour just stood out a bit more and had more depth.

The yoghurt base has a fantastic smooth thick creaminess to it, but this one contained crunchy seeds of some sort which i really didn't like as they were just uncomfortable to chew on.

Overall this is one of the better flavoured varieties of skyr, up there with the cherry for me, but not as good as the plain which you can flavour better yourself! Very natural quite tart blueberry flavour that isn't overtly sweet. As ever with skyr the macros are fantastic at only 116 calories,12 carb, 0 fat and 14 protein!  better than any yoghurt on the UK market and they are reasonably filling too.

Overall Rating 7/10


  1. Skyr is just brilliant. Like you say the macros are untouchable and it's so thick and satisfying too

  2. really appreciate the comment mate! I know it's absolutely great stuff


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