The Collective Apple & Blackberry Review

I always look forward to the new limited edition flavours from the collective, and after being somewhat disappointed with the morello cherry i was really looking forward to trying apple and blackberry.

This is a bit different to all the other collective flavours as the top layer contains the apple compote and the bottom is blackberry so i decided to try just apple on its own and then the two combined.

The apple was extremely tart and very natural tasting, there were even little flecks of cinnamon which to be honest i could;t really taste as the apple was a little too tart on its own. When mixed with the blackberry layer though it becomes very different and much more delicious. The blackberry strangely is where the sweetness comes and it adds an incredible fruity sweetness that compliments the apple very well. I am always so amazed at just how natural and full of flavour all of the fruit flavours are in the collective yoghurts (except cherry) and this is no exception.

Another really good limited edition, but i probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy this flavouragain as they still are quite pricey at £2 each, and some of the other flavours are still just in a different league.

Overall Rating- 7.4/10


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