Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Review

I don't normally buy cereal bars because I would usually much rather have a bowl of cereal or a more nutritionally beneficial snack as I feel most of the cereal bars out there are marketed to be healthy, but are in fact rammed with crap.

Alpen light however are not too bad as they are only around 65 calories, don't contain huge amounts of sugar and are an excellent source of fibre (around 4.4g per bar) I've tried a few flavours in this range and actually really like the lemon drizzle flavour, and to be honest it's been so long since I've had one I can't remember any of the other flavours..

Jaffa cake though did pique my interest in the brand again when I saw these in Tesco. The orange flavour is actually quite pronounced and does add a good tang to the bar due to the small pieces of candied orange. The chocolate as you would expect from a diet cereal bar is practically non existent due to the pitiful amount that is drizzled on the tiny bar. The bar to be honest just tastes of orange, and they shouldn't really be allowed to call this a Jaffa cake bar as there is virtually no chocolate flavour.

My real issue with this product however is the size to pricing ratio, its just ridiculous. You pay £1.99 for 5 absolutely tiny bars, took me about 2 bites to finish the whole thing and they just really aren't gratifying as a snack at all. I suppose this is understandable for only 65 calories, but I still feel £1.99 for 95g of edible produce is just stupid. Overall  I definitely wouldn't but these again at £1.99 but its not a bad product as the orange flavour is quite pleasant, and they actually do help me fill my fibre macros for the day!

 Overall Rating- 6/10


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