Quaker Apple & Cinnamon Granola Review

Granola is fast becoming one of my favourite cereals, I particularly like the existing Quaker granola with raisins, so was definitely looking forward to trying their recently launched new flavours.

Apple and cinnamon sounded more interesting than honey and almond so I opted for that flavour to try first. I was anxious to the amount of cinnamon flavour given its not actually present in the ingredients list; but the first thing i smelt when I opened the pack was a warming cinnamon scent.

The crunch of the clusters is fantastic, just as good as the raisin variety and probably the best textured granola I have found. the flavour has a subtle yet pronounced lovely cinnamon flavour with just the right amount of sweetness to spice. I usually find dried apple to be very bland and rubbery, not the case at all here however. They provide a wonderful tangy sharpness to the slightly sweet and spiced clusters, and are more than plentifully distributed throughout the box.

This is a seriously good granola, and I might even go as far to say that it's my new favourite, and was divine mixed with some vanilla 0% fat greek yoghurt. Perfect amount of cinnamon sweetness in the clusters and a great tang from the apple. Probably my only criticism would be the lack of raisins, bit that's more of a personal preference when it comes to granola for me! £2.99 in Asda and I also saw it recently in Sainsbury's for £2.70 for a 550g box.

Overall Rating- 9/10


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