Liberte Mango Yoghurt Review

I really like the existing; strawberry, blueberry and honey flavours of Liberte yoghurt's, so when I saw there was a new mango flavour, with it being one of my favourite fruity flavours I had to pick some up.

The Yoghurt is the standard incredibly thick and smooth with a slight tang, absolutely no critique here, it is a fantastic yoghurt base as with all the other flavours. Now we get to the mango flavour, I often find with yoghurt's that are marketed as a "healthier" alternative that they are often lacking in a real fruity flavour. Absolutely not the case with this one! The mango flavour is incredible, so fruity and doesn't taste artificial in the slightest and works perfectly with the thick base.

There are even tiny chunks of mango in the purée that provide even more depth to the already very pronounced lovely fruit flavour. The mango flavour tastes so natural as it does actually contain 8% mango. There is a fair amount of sugar in these however at 13%, which is more than the other flavours, but to be honest it's worth the trade off for that wonderful, sweet genuine mango flavour.Protein content is pretty good at 7.7g a pot, which does actually lead to this being a fairly filling snack.

Definitely my new favourite flavour in the Liberte range! There is also a new pear flavour which I am still on the lookout for.

 Overall Rating- 9/10


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