Arla Skyr Nordic Mixed Berries Review

This is the last out of the flavoured varieties of Skyr I had to try and honestly except the cherry one they have al been below average in flavour, as they simply just don't taste of what they say they do. 
This flavour claims to be; red currants, lingonberries, strawberries, blueberries and sour cherries. Given the past run of disappointment from the flavours in this range I wasn't expecting much. It is very colourful, more-so than all the others so I was mildly hopeful for the fruit flavour to translate, unfortunately this is more of the same from Arla, the only flavour I

got from this yoghurt was quite a bitter cherry with an absolutely tiny amount of red currant.  Textually though is still fantastically thick and creamy with a slight tang, but the lack of sweetness makes this flavour a little hard to eat.

To be absolutely honest the flavour is actually too bitter, with little to no sweetness, definitely more bitter than the "nordic sour cherry" which I didn't find sour at all. This flavour isn't as bad as the apple and lingonberry, but I definitely wouldn't buy it again and to be honest I'm glad I've finally had all the flavoured variants as now I can stick to the best by far flavour, which is simply natural.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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