Nature Valley Protein: Peanuts & Chocolate Review

I really like the existing Nature valley granola oat bars, they have a really nice crunchy texture and good flavours. I used to eat them all the time but fro some reason haven't had them for absolutely ages, but when I saw these new protein bars I thought I'd give them a go.

First off there isn't really that much protein in them... 8.5 grams per bar which is decent in comparison to most other snacks out there but you definitely wouldn't want this as your only post workout supplement.

The texture is extremely sticky, so much so that it's hard to get the wrapper off in one piece. But as you can see it is pretty rammed with peanuts and choc chips. The texture for me is great, really nice, chewy and dense so it feels a lot more satisfying of a snack.

Flavour wise it's actually pretty good as well. You get initial very strong peanut flavour which i think could have been roasted/ salted to improve on their flavour as they are a touch bland. And then you get quite a dark chocolate after taste which I think definitely works well over a milk chocolate.

Overall I was actually pretty impressed with these, 8.5g protein and only 10 carbs (6 sugar) a piece its a pretty decent mid afternoon snack and they are actually quite filling for a fairly small bar. I would probably buy these again but I don't too much like the sound of the other flavour in the range which is a seeded flavour I think. Quite pricey also, I paid £1.20 on a £1.50 off offer at Sainsburys, decent though if you like peanuts/ chocolate and want a slightly healthier snack bar than the typical sugar laden cereal bars that don't really have any nutritional benefit.

Overall Rating- 7.7/10


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