Walden Farms Caramel Dip Review

The hype surrounding the Walden Farms brand in the US is unreal and I've been wanting to try something from their range for ages but the ridiculous UK import prices have kept me from purchasing. I finally found this caramel dip on 
Amazon for around £3.50 including delivery which wasn't too bad.
I'm not too bothered about the whole "zero calorie" attribute of their products but I am just really curious to see why so many American's swear that this stuff is like the nectar of the gods. 

The texture was a little runnier than I was expecting but as I was mixing it with oats this didn't really bother me. The smell was incredibly strong, and the genuine caramel scent was very potent so i was quite hopeful for the taste. The taste is very strong so you really don't need to use very much which is good, the caramel flavour is surprisingly natural and tasty actually and doesn't really taste that artificial, which shocked me considering there are zero calories. 

I dipped a pancake in this dip and after a while there was actually quite a strange after taste that I was left with which wasn't unpleasant but was a little odd and I can't really put my finger on it, so if you are using this as I dip I would definitely recommend sparse usage.

However this was an absolute game changer in my porridge, the slightly odd after taste was gone mixed in with oats and semi skimmed milk, and it really made the porridge just taste absolutely amazing, due to the fairly natural caramel flavour.

Definitely worth a try if you're on a diet as to be honest tastes incredible for having zero calories, but if you're in the UK be prepared for extortionate import prices.

Overall Rating- 8/10


  1. i tried their coffee creamer, ended up buying it from some kind of health food shop on line, i cant remember what it was called. Liquid coffee creamer doesnt seem to exist here (i think its something to do with the ingredients not being allowed here or something) - anyway, it was ok, but the way it dried to a sort of rubbery consistency on the bottle put me off - all the products seem to contain an awful lot of chemicals!

    I also read that the 0 calories and 0 anything else isn't *strictly* true as there is an threshold of calories etc that it starts being measured at and anything below that can be marketed as 0 calories. So although its very low, its not actually 0 but as you say, if you're on a diet, its better than the full lard versions (just depends on your views on chemicals)

    1. yeah they've had to re-brand themselves here in the UK to "near zero" now as they have like 3 calories per serving. i'm fine with sweeteners to be honest and use them on a daily basis, if these products were cheaper i would definitely buy them all the time, as they are excellent for the amount of calorie they have!


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