Oomf! Protein Oats Banana Review

I've been on a massive porridge kick lately, and been having it pretty much every morning with some blueberries and cinnamon. I find oats to be one of the very few breakfast items that actually fill me up somewhat until lunch, and as I'm always looking for extra protein in my diet these "protein oats" seemed to be on to a winner.

A fresh banana on some porridge is absolute heaven so I had high hopes for this banana flavour. The smell was re assuringly banana esk and after adding not a lot of boiling water (I like super thick porridge) I was ready to try it.

The texture is wonderful and creamy despite the added whey protein, there is a little bit of graininess but I'm used to whey's texture, but this may be slightly off putting for some. Unfortunately the banana flavour is almost non existent, but strangely there is a really nice sweet flavour to this porridge that I couldn't quite put my finger on but it was really tasty!

The macro's for this porridge are incredible, pretty much why I bought it. You get over 20g of protein per pot which is great, but what really makes the macros stand out to me is the zero added sugar and the use of the supposedly healthy natural sweetener xylitol. So I'm assuming the 10g of sugar is coming from the 3% banana and skimmed milk powder...

 It is very pricey however at £1.30 per pot, but the convenience factor is very appealing for some, and to me it does seem like a genuine super healthy breakfast, unlike some marketing (Special K).

Overall this was a very satisfying breakfast that kept me pretty full during a busy shift at work and the flavour, despite lacking banana was very nice combined with a lovely slightly grainy creamy texture.

 Overall Rating- 8/10


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